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'''about me:'''  
'''about me:'''  

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Who is this?

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At VoidWarranties

about me:

I'm a technician in the gaming industry, working for a local arcade. I have a background in electronics, a passion for free software , and want to learn more about programming.

More about my projects:

1) Marquee's (nl:lichtkranten)

i've got 3 of those lying around and i had quite a lot of fun studying there internals and finding out how they function and how they could be hacked. However, since my programming skills are not very well-developed (read: hello_world++) i'm sure my fellow voidwarrantiers could get more out of these.

in honour of disney's christmas classic "Pluto's Christmas Tree" i gave our loyal subjects name's accordingly :

chip: unknown brand; small, 17 7x5 led modules (total:7x85) driven by 11 tpic6b595n 8bit shift registers. Logic on mainboard: siemens sab 8051a-p microcontroller and m27256fi eprom.

dale: unknown brand; small,

pluto: bigger, known brand, little documentation. This is the device Koert en Jeffrey want to turn in to the "Marquetris"

2) routers and modems

love'm , there cheap and full of promise ... opening them up , googeling datasheets for parts, running nmap, trying to analyze the firmware , searching for serial ports or Jtag-interfaces, exploring the possibility of running linux or bsd on them, trying to find out what the missing parts on the pcb are (95% or more have blank parts on the PCB) it just goes on and on ...

<20€ router= partybox

3) a non-project

i also have a elo touch screen (serial port only, no usb). However once i bought it, and found out it does indeed work, i failed to find a usefull or amusing project. Update: Is now used in "Barputer"

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