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=Personal Projects=
=Personal Projects=
What do you want to do at the hackerspace, what projects are you currently working on?
What do you want to do at the hackerspace, what projects are you currently working on?

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Personal Projects

What do you want to do at the hackerspace, what projects are you currently working on?


I'm converting vehicles (karts, cars) to electric vehicles, I'm planning on building my own plane, I'm building my own DIY biochemical genetics laboratory, I have various online software projects, I love Lego, small hardware hacking, etc. in general. I have some space for most of these projects in my own workshop/garage/lab but a hackerspace may open up other opportunities for more projects.



I have a background in arts and crafts (especially jewellery design). My current obsession is to design and create my future home. Going from renovating an existing building, interior planning, domotica,... to designing and making the furniture, cutlery, cushions,etc... What I'm looking to find in the hackerspace is some new ideas, learn new technologies and crafts, or just to get some feedback on my project (while drinkin' some club mate ;-))



Background in IT (programming) and electronics. First thing I'll start with is repairing a broken Carver power amplifier. Next steps will be creating a DIY variable power supply and a function generator (in order to create some kind of electronics lab workbench). I'm also interested in programming on the Android platform, building wifi antennas, etc ... I hope the hackerspace will be a place where I can continue to work on several projects because right now I don't have sufficient space at home to do this.


Things I'm interested in:


Coding my own Dropbox-for-personal-cluster-and-cloud-thingy litter in python and using couchdb.


I'm messing around with some routers and modems trying to find out if could run linux on them (some do look promising).

I also got some nice gear lying around waiting to be hacked:

See my profile for more details.


HackerSpace Projects

Josto Help out

Good ventilation (sound proof 120 DB +)
Kitchen cleanup/mini renovation

Wifi Connection to Wireless Antwerp


Electricity in den Bunker


Changing den Bunker

Item Approved by landlord When
Electricity (see a wee bit higher) Partially Done
Remove the stage in the small room Yes Done
Remove the half wall of the dj booth Yes Done
Paint Yes Partially done
Hang folding tables on the walls of the big room Yes Done
Floor For now, no ?

CCC Camp

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