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1.Objects can be tagged with post-it papers, noting your name and the date you tagged it. If 28 days later the tag hasn't been removed, the object can be thrown away/harvested/whatever. Please don't tag objects belonging to someone else that have a VoidWarranties sticker on them, contact the owner in stead
2.Clean your console, spot / kitchen and the one next to yours when leaving.
2bis. Before cleaning the spot next to yours, make sure no one is using it anymore first.
3. The cook is not the dishwasher and the dishwasher is not the cook. But make sure the pots and pans don't walk around in the space by the next week.
3bis. Taping the pots to the sink is not an option.
4.Check all doors/powered applications/soldering irons when leaving the command center.
5.Donations, blood offerings and gifts don't count as member fee.
6.The space is a workspace, not your sleeping quarters.
7.You don't use equipment if it ain't yours or it isn't space equipment. Unless the VoidWarranties sticker says you can.
7bis. Please don't adapt the info on the VoidWarranties sticker to suit your needs if the object isn't yours.
8.A true Klingon warrior will not use the internet connection for downloading personal heavy/multiple p2p files!
9.Don't use explosives or toxic/corrosive chemicals without prior consent from other space members and professional consulting.
10.No smoking allowed in the space.
11. If you leave stuff at the space, put a VoidWarranties sticker on it.


1.Communication works better than conflict. Be excellent to each other.
2.Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.
3.We are explorers, not pirates.
4.We exist without skin color, nationality and without religious bias.
5.Judge people by what they say, think and do, not looks, degrees, age, race, sex, or position.
6.Always remember the more you learn, the less you know.
7.The girl mopping the deck deserves more respect than the non-existing captain.
8.There are no passengers on this ship, only crew members.
9.Accept a patch: in real-life, as with code, all is dynamic and up to change-- don't complain, make the change.
10.Talking is silver, silence is gold, getting off your lazy butt and doing is rare earth!
11.All information should be free, share your knowledge, creativity, code, …
12.Respect is not given / it's earned.
13.Parrots have no original thoughts, think, don't be a parrot.

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