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Cybercockroaches and Living Computer Networks: Interfacing Biology and Electronics

In this presentation Angelo Vermeulen talks shares the latest developments of his ongoing Corrupted C#n#m# and Biomodd projects.

Corrupted C#n#m# is a process-oriented art project which explores new and old media through biological and digital experimentation. Essentially, the project debunks the myth of the immateriality of digital media. Digital storage media are exposed to all sorts of biological processes following the central question: "Can living organisms physically affect and reorganize digital data?" Recently Vermeulen teamed up with jewelry designer Walter Bresseleers to create data-corrupting cybercockroaches. The armor of these hybrid creatures contains electronics that can interfere with digital data streams.

Biomodd is a collaborative art project conceived to challenge presumed notions of opposition between nature and technology in different cultures throughout the world. In Biomodd, nature and technology are not juxtaposed but rather fused into imaginative hybrid installations. The core idea is the creation of experimental systems in which modified computer networks coexist with living ecosystems. The challenge is to bring biological life as physically close to the electronics as possible, and allow them to communicate with each other through meaningful symbiotic relationships. Biomodd is a nomadic project in which subsequent versions are built each time with different collaborators and new materials. Biomodd versions have been built in the US and the Philippines, and currently several Biomodd Workshops are being planned in Europe, the US, and New Zealand.

Time and place
19:15 - 19:45 at the JOSTO INSTUIF


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