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Note: this article is about a passed event.

Revision Stream Sunday
Sunday's compo and seminar viewing of Revision 2012.
From 2012/04/08 02:00:00 PM
to 2012/04/08 11:59:59 PM

At home, VW can't be opened

Agenda points

Meeting notes

Join note taking during the meeting:

From the Revision about-page:

Revision is a relatively new demoparty in Saarbr├╝cken, the state capital of Saarland, located in southwest Germany. The first edition in 2011 was an overwhelming success, thus you can look forward to experience another and hopefully even better party in 2012 again.

A team of highly skilled and experienced sceners joined forces to bring you everything you would expect from a great demoscene event. As Breakpoint 2010 was the last event in a long series of easter party ownage, we decided that Easter without a proper party wouldn't be what it's meant to be. And here we are!

No flyer to print, but inviation demos as music/video animation as posted on the revision site:

Yes, some computers are 20-30 year old home computers.

For more detailed info about the demoscene in general look it up at wikipedia: [nederlands ] [english]

In other words, this demoscene hosts a kind of animation and music festival where people show what they can do with simple computer equipment. The scening culture has originally taken of during the early eighties when home computers came available.
Timetable Sunday :

10:00 Seminar Jens Sch├Ânfeld: Embedded software development
11:00 Seminar Prince: Secrets of editing monumental GFXs
12:00 Seminar Franky: So you want to build an arcade machine?
13:00 Competition Executable music newskool
13:30 Competition Modern graphics
14:00 Seminar dox, Franky, Seven, Krusty, Pixtur: 4k Seminars
15:00 Competition Streaming music
16:00 Seminar JCO: Communicating emotion - how to make good music
17:00 Competition 4k executable graphics
17:30 Competition Wild
18:30 Event SIDRip Alliance
20:00 Event hoffman
22:00 Competition PC 64k Intro
22:30 Competition Web Browser Demo
23:00 Competition Oldskool 4k Intro
23:30 Competition Amiga Demo
00:00 Competition PC Demo

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