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Getting the bunny in the space alive again and make it usefull.
Den Bunker


What is (a) Nabaztag?

Nabaztag is a plastic bunny that was developed as the ultimate desktop companion.
It is designed to be programmable from a website, so people could create their own applications (to tell the time, weather, stock market info, ...). All this either via the website, or triggered by an RFID reader build in it's tummy (The initial release was build to support certain RFID tags that would start the bunny reading books).

What can it do?

All This by connecting to a WIFI network of your choise (as long as it's unencrypted or WEP encrypted).


Nabaztag is registered on the official servers at the moment (

Mac adress (for registration on servers): 00:19:db:00:0d:11
Our bunny's API key on is: 7debd13e-8c04-4c4c-8c61-1ccf426f6cfc
List of API Commands:

How to: Make it speak

The API of offers a variety of TTS engines, you can use them by simply calling the url, and replace the text (more info about the API here:
/!\ texts are limited to 1024 characters, and are sometimes interpreted by the TTS engine (e.g: 12:45 becomes in text: twelve hours forty-five minutes) /!\

step 1: choose a voice:
list of voices can be found here: <- look under ws_acapela

step 2: call the url using parameters:<1>&token=<2>&server=<3>&tts=<4>&ws_acapela=<5>

example url: step 3: listen to the nabaztag speak :).

Bash script

[[ $1 = "" ]] && echo "no argument" && exit 1
text="$(echo $1 | sed 's/ /+/g')"
[[ $voice = '' ]] && voice=jeroen
curl "${text}.&ws_acapela=${voice}" &>/dev/null

How to: rotate the ears

Call the URL:<0-16> For left ear<0-16> For right ear

How to: make lights blink

For this you must send a choreography, for example:,0,motor,1,20,0,0,0,motor,0,20,0,0,1,led,0,0,238,0

troubleshooting the led-codes:

bottom leds:
left: Wifi connection (red/green)
middle: Dhcp
right: dns lookup of the server

top led: connection to the nab server.

history of the nabaztag

- nabaztag company went bankrupt, but has been taken over by ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS and the nabaztag is now known as Karotz (nabaztag generation 3 and up) - when violet went bankrupt they took their servers down with them, leaving the nabaztag to malfunction and basicly become useless. - ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS revived the karrotz project and sells them, and put an official nabaztag server up again. There are also some sources available for running a server (for example: [1]) or you can use a the original code used on the violet servers: [2].

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