How to play music

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How to play music
There is an MPD server in the space, here is a short howto to connect.


Playing Music

The MPD server can be controlled both on barputer and remotely.

On barputer

Playing radio streams

To play a radio stream, open up GMPC, the MPD client on barputer (look for the music icon), click on 'Playlist Editor', select a stream and double click on it.

Playing audio files

Browsing the available tracks and albums can be done through one of the different 'Browser' tabs or the 'search' tab. Additionally you can browse the music directory with the 'Database' tab. Music can be enqueued by selecting it, right clicking and selecting 'Add'.


You can connect to the MPD server using a variety of clients. Clients are available for Linux, MAc, Windows and various mobile platforms. Check out this page for a exhaustive list.

Configure your client so it connects to barputer.void on port 6600 and you should be able to control it.


Ario is a MPD client, you can find it at the ubuntu market, or you can download it here.

1. Connection

This are the settings you need to setup (second step in the wizard): Ario Settings.png

2. How it works

You should now see something like this: Ario start.png

Top right you find the volume from the music player.
In the playlist tab you can find the webradios that are configured on the server, if you want other webradios add them on your local computer in the internetradio tab, or ask someone with access to the server to add it to the server playlist.
If you double click the radio station it will appear in the playlist at the bottomn of the page, the webradio you selected will start playing.

Adding content to the database

Adding streams

To add a stream make a textfile containing the stream's url and give it an .m3u extension. Copy this file to the /home/barputer/Music/streams directory on barputer and it should appear when the database is refreshed. You can force a database refresh in most MPD clients. Some clients might have to be restarted to show the stream though.

Adding a music directory

To share your own music, make your music directory available to the network as a samba share. The share's name has to include the string 'music' to be picked up and will be added to the database when Raf, the share script, picks it up. You have to be on the same network as barputer for this to work though (ie: behind our NAT). At the moment this means you have to connect to a switch using a network cable.

Creating a samba share should be trivial in windows, and can be done in various Gnome-based linux distro's by right-clicking a directory in nautilus and selecting the share option. You might want to make sure you share the dir as read only, otherwise everyone has write access to your files.

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