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(Thx to Noisebridge for their good content!) (Please do not edit this page without a consensus decision, we had a consensus-agreement on it Weekly Wednesday. So to change it, bring up your desired changes at a meeting !)


Do I have to be a member to use the space?

Voidwarranties is open to anyone to drop by and take a look around and meet people, including non-members. Only If you use the space extensively (eg use the infrastructure/tools regularly), you are kindly requested to become a member.

How do I become a member?

In order to become a member you only have to take the effort to find two existing members who are willing to be your sponsor, fill in the Membership Application form and drop it in the the "New Members" box. The forms are found in the space or can be downloaded here.

After one month, the applicant is approved (or not, though this isn't very likely) during the monthly meeting. From that moment on the new member has to pay his/her membership fees.

What is the cost of membership?

We try to keep all as cheap as possible, but we have fixed cost that have to be covered, gas/electricity/water, maintenance of the space and it's equipments.
We try to stay as neutral as possible and don't want to depend on subsidises or grants. That's why we cover all our operating costs with membership fees and non-binding donations.

°this membership is symbolic and does not give voting right or is counted as membership what the statutes are concerned.

Do I have to be a member to attend workshops and events?

No, workshops and events are open to everyone who's interested.

Non-members will be asked a €5 contribution to attend in order to cover expenses. Members can attend without an extra contribution.

Some workshops might have extra cost to cover for the workshop specific expenses.

How can I pay my membership fee ?

Membership fee is to be paid monthly, but you can pay a couple of months in advance if you like. The bank account details are located at the contact page.

Do you have an officially registered charter ?

Yes, the Belgium state does recognize "VoidWarranties VZW" officially as a non-profit organization.

Besides this charter we also have a set of pratical rules that were presented and laid down by the board at during the general assembly held May 18th 2013. These rules are easier to change and streamline the daily working of the space. Members are always welcome to propose changes to this set of rules and present them during a monthly meeting.

I really dig your place. Can I schedule a workshop or event?

Yes! You are welcome to host or organise a workshop or event yourself. Have a look at the dedicated HOWT0 page.

Do you have regulary plenary meetings?

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