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The place we meet and work in will potentially have it's heating shut down during summertime. We need to come up with a solution of condense forming against the cellar walls and equipment. That happens because relatively warmer outside air circulates through the space and leaves it's moist at all the colder surfaces the cellar is made of.

We need to have an installation that attracts the moist to it and make it favorable for all those water molecules instead of the cellar walls.

Den Bunker

First thing to do is to measure the effective amount of humidity in the space. Ordering a hygrometer of some kind an monitoring the output is a nice sub-project to kick this of.


Proposed solutions for evaluation

In order to dehumidify our basement several things can be done:

Solar Hot Air Collector

This pages contains some information about SOLAR HOT AIR COLLECTORS (so a solution to nr 3 above)

Every time the sun shines your cellar will be actively supplied with warmed, dry, fresh air; eradicating the moisture and making your cellar amazingly fresher and cleaner.


commercial product:

diy example + theory



wire mesh

improved beer can collector:

Barra system

Dimensions (in mm):

Glass sheet (1x): 1511 x 978 x 8

Isolation panels (3x): 1250 x 600 x 50


Some kilos of of silica gel

Calcium chloride is a better dehumidifyer and also fairly easy to boil down to crystals again.

Heat pump

Placing a pump in a deep pit somewhere under or next to the space could make a heat exchange that could be used. Drilling a pit on the Josto domain is probably not easy to arrange, nevertheless, we could think this solution through to see how this would scale. Opening up the old water-pit under our space could be an option.

Peltier element solution

Except for the power supply I have everything for this build (in moving boxes, so it will take time to find) but don't think that this will suck much moisture out of the air and efficiency is 60% lower then a cooling cycle dehumidifyer.

Here is a 'speedhack' of a recycled peltier element from a powered coolerbox.
Recycled peltier element
It was declared the weirdest object in the space, makes alot of noise and the dehumidifying performance is vastly underwhelming. But hey it is a speedhack, and we had a laugh at our concoction

Perhaps this system can be repurposed as an automatic soldering cushion moisturiser :-)

Recycled Dehumidifier equipment

What is malfunctioning in this device? If the cooling cycle works, these machines are generally easy to repair.

For all the above it is interesting to evaluate how much electricity is needed and how much budget we can spend on the continuous operation of the solution.


Armaflex is a brand of very good products to insulate cold, condensing and even freezing surfaces but can be quite expensive. Cheaper alternatives may be out there. The required thickness of insulation can be determined by measuring or calculating the dewpoint and making sure the surface temperature of the insulation is higher. The result will be:

Following materials can be used:

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