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Big Ass Screen
Piet was so kind to donate a huge retro projection screen to the space. The original 3 lens beamer is a bit old and has burnt in areas. But all the rest is in working condition.

Rob's idea was to replace the old beamer with a new, LCD HiDef projector, and possibly add a touchsensor. The possible applications for 'Big Ass Screen' are left to the hackerspace visitors.

T0rx, TomD, Kefcom, Bramsky
Den Bunker
Rob presenting C64 on the BAS

Big Ass Brainstorm :



It was deemed that the original projection system was beyond repair, because the 3 color CRT's are burnt in too much. Feeding the projector with an inverted image mask, to correct the burnt in areas, would render the projected image even dimmer as it already is. The image quality would be better if the whole projector would be replaced by a more recent LCD projetor.

Approach 1

At the moment the BAS is gutted, internal electronics have been removed and the first tests to fit in an LCD projector are done. Unfortunately the projected image in the screen is too small.

To fit in the LCD projector, succesfully we can either widening the projection beam (by using a wide angle lens) or lengthening the projection path (by using extra mirrors) or a combination of both. For this to work we need:

Alas retro fitting the LCD projector might be too cumbersome. A new approach has been proposed.

Approach 2

Using an overhead projector and old LCD monitor. The LCD matrix (without the backlight) will form the image where usually the slides are placed on the overhead projector. For this approach to work we need:


after concideration it apeared to be better to go with approach 1. We have found a lens witch widens the beam of the projector and thuns creating a bigger image we still need a mirror to create a longer light path

we still need: a mirror of at least 10cm square 10x10cm mirror is available, (bigger is still better)

Current state:

After test fitting the projector with the 38x45 cm mirror we where able to fill at least 70 to 80% of the total screen. we still had the problem that the projector was standing to far behind the tv. To solve this we rotated it and added a seccond mirror. With this setup the projector itself was able to be placed inside the tv. The second mirror is to small and causes the image to be cut but we have a decent image.

we might need a second miror so that the projector itself can be included in the case of the tv ( better stealth and movability)


While trying to get a picture on the display de lamp of the projector dicided to die. So its back to nothing. Two possible solutions have emerged:

If we dicide to keep the tv and try again to get an image, it might be better to buy a new projector. This is because the cost to repair our current one is as expensive as a new projector, so we are better off buying a new one.Or go with Approach 2

see the eviction mail on our discus mailing list

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