A bite of digital video

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A bite of digital video

I was thinking of a very simple seminar on digital-video that I would like to organize these days, because I am in Antwerp for one or two weeks. Nothing formal, I have a mac with a copy of finalcut and I have a project that we could open together and study. The basics of video editing are usually the same, no matter what the brand, there are always a few steps that are needed to do from the moment you begin to shoot at the time when you burn a DVD with your video on it (or to do something else with it, like posting it somewhere on the web). Few days ago I was thinking of doing it on the 10th of this month, but maybe there is not enough time.

If you want we could use two small MiniDV cameras, that I have with me, together and create one or maybe two clips on what VW is or perhaps about the things that will take place at VW this weekend (or something else, you can tell me).

Here one can watch 2 clips about Foodhackingbase's workshop:

Foodhackingbase day 1

Foodhackingbase day 2
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